Corporate Finance

Growth by acquisition can often be a viable and preferable option as compared to organic growth. We provide our clients with sound advice as to whether acquiring new businesses is a good fit for your business and if so, support you with every step from planning and negotiating right through to financial closure.

Consulting HAUS has been appointed as exclusive sell side advisors over four medium to large companies. When it comes to selling a company, our approach includes carefully assessing the buyer universe and approaching a limited, but well researched list of potential purchasers to ensure that the sale process remains as confidential as possible which helps to limit the impact on the ongoing business.

Consulting HAUS approach to executing transactions focuses the initial effort on the key assumptions and drivers that support your divestment needs and aims to ensure that the company for sale the Target is ready to be sold with any issues that could negatively impact valuation being resolved before going to market.

The entire ‘cradle to grave’ life cycle from marketing the company for sales to signing and closing typically spans 3 to 9 months.

How It Works

Prepare the company for sale

Support in building the business plan, get the company ready for a sale and conclude on a potential valuation range for the transaction.

Buyer identification

Based on our knowledge of the company, we will prepare a concise list of potential purchasers which will include purchasers who will view the company as a good strategic fit to their existing portfolios.

Circulate the documents

After the potential purchaser list is approved, we will approach the potential purchaser on a “no name” basis to assess the degree of interest and negotiate confidentiality agreements on your behalf. Once the confidentiality agreements are signed, the IP will be shared and we will assist you in evaluating non-binding offers received.

Buyer due diligence

After shortlisting and identifying the appropriate buyers, we will facilitate the financial and legal due diligence undertaken by the potential purchasers by setting-up a data room, assisting with interactions with the potential purchasers which includes negotiation tactics, overall deal pricing and various options for structuring the transaction. In addition, we will read and provide comments on third party due diligence reports and evaluate binding offers.

SPA/APA Signing

During this phase we will assist you in ranking binding offers in order of preference and progress to close which will include supporting you on sale agreement and other post-closing matters.