Corporate Governance

Robust corporate governance is critical to businesses in the changing environment, and as the landscape evolves, new risks and compliance requirements emerge. It is also imperative that organizations are able to identify and effectively mitigate the risks that could prevent them from meeting their strategic objectives.

Leadership and Audit Committees always need an assurance on whether they have the right structures and processes in place to assess and manage their weaknesses and explore suitable business opportunities. We help clients to understand and articulate the level of risk they are willing to take (or their risk appetite) in order to meet their strategic aims, and determine how well organizations identify, mitigate and report the management of their risks. We use this understanding to benchmark them against competitors and to suggest actions that could improve their risk processes (including how to use technology), risk culture and the use of risk information to support decision making. We also examine governance structures including the board and its committees to ensure they meet the needs of management and the business, We also evaluate the effectiveness of critical governance functions of compliance management and internal audit.

Organizations today are facing a constant need to change to stay viable. But just as change drives new opportunities, it also brings new business, digital and regulatory risks. We help mitigate these risks by transforming organization’s controls to be more efficient and effective. This helps ensure organizations’ internal controls are fit for purpose and sustainable with the right blend of people and technology for the often-unpredictable future. The leadership also needs assurance that controls are working across the organization to prevent and detect risks, improve internal controls and meet the ongoing compliance requirements.

Corporate Governance

Sound corporate governance enables companies to be more efficient and accountable.

Enterprise Risk Management

As business risks continue to increase, organizations are finding it necessary to implement a

Compliance Management

Compliance is a necessary component of good corporate governance. Compliancemanagement is a collective term for all

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In order to achieve entity-wide goals while reducing the potential for risk and implementingmeasures to grow more sustainably,

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Amid an evolving regulatory environment and increased oversight pressures, organizations face ongoing challenges to manage and comply with ever-mountingregulations that are coming their way.

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Successful organizations are often built through the optimal management of people, technology and assets. Market leaders across sectors, whether public orprivate, are engaged in a continuous

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Employee training is a critical aspect for any organization which enables upskilling and improve their performance at work, for new recruits as well as forexisting workforce. Our training programs are aimed at