Corporate Finance

Prior to establishing a new business, it is advisable to invest time in ensuring that the business has the best possible chance of success. We can support you in understanding the future outlook of the market, the potential growth rates, risks and challenges. In addition, we assist you in preparing a set of financial projections which can be used by you to make astute investment decisions.

Consulting HAUS feasibility studies are also ‘bankable’ meaning that they can be used by the risk teams at banks when assessing your loan applications.

Through business plans/feasibility studies, we

Help clients gain a concrete understanding of market and industry conditions, industry best practices, and the regulatory and competitive environment.


Develop project pro-forma financial statements based on market conditions and the client’s business model.


Provide management with a comprehensive view on the profitability of different scenarios, ultimately aiding the process of strategy formulation.


What we do

We offer a structured approach based on leading practices with a team of experienced sector professionals who integrate their strategic vision with research outcomes to determine market characteristics and forecast demand. Ultimately, we assist our client in mapping and visualizing the structure of their business and its position among their current portfolio and market.

How we do it

We use a top down approach in analyzing the environment in which the project operates. In depth interaction and communication with the client is key in shaping the feasibility objectives. Through our interaction, we tailor our efforts on relevant primary and secondary research to understand characteristics and competitive landscape, which will assist in determining the project parameters.